Choose an auto detailing package that works for you

When you hire Gunners Auto Detailing for interior and exterior auto detailing services in Austell, GA, you can choose from a variety of packages.

We offer:

The Boss

$130 - $200

On this package we perform a deep wheel and fender clean , using our arsenal of tools to ensure we get all areas on wheel and brake calipers cleaned . before continuing to the wash process we spray a pre wash solution to break down dirt and grime , followed by a pressure rinse and foam bath for lubricant for the wash process , we use the 2 bucket method to ensure no damage is done to your vehicle while in the washing process , after wash we rinse vehicle and using a fine clay bar we remove any contamination the hand wash did not remove leaving a smooth paint finish , the vinous is protected with qtechniq ceramic sealant that keeps your car shining and protects from Uber and dirt . We carefully dry vehicles with our high performance drying towels to ensure we don't cause micro scratches , we then protect all exterior plastic from uv and bringing that black trim back to life we also apply tire shine to give it that POP!

Deep interior detail

Starting at $180 - $300

Is the in this package all Interior are blowed out using compressed air , all seats and carpets and trunk are vacuumed , all cup holders , air vents , console including dash and doors are thoroughly detailed with our interior brushes . All interior will be steamed cleaned to ensure we get everything cleaned before applying protection , All cloth seats and carpet shampooed and extracted , leather seats will be deep cleaned and conditioned , all interior trim conditioned and protected from uv , all glass will be cleaned to to a streak free finish + choice of air freshener .

Gunners deluxe

$300 - $480

Both the boss and gunners detail package all in one , including engine and undercarriage leaving your vehicle looking like new this package is for the vehicles that have been neglected throughout the years and need of a restoration

Paint correction

Damage and defects on your vehicle paint clarity and gloss causing the paint to look dull and not pleasing to look paint correction is your go to removing scratches and defects bring back that deep glossy shine on your vehicle paint all of our paint correction come with a paint sealant .

1 One step starting at $300
Everything included in the boss package
Paint decontamination using iron removal and clay bar treatment one step polish removing up to 75% of defects

2 two step correction starting at $550
Everything included in the boss package
Paint decontamination using iron removal and clay bar treatment using a compound and a polish to remove up to 90% of defects leaving a high depth gloss finish

All vehicles paint are different to reach certain expectations if required to go further into a 3 step paint correction we will discuss with the client if they want to go on and do it
quote upon request and schedule a day to see the vehicle starting price $1300

Window tint $185 two fronts

$350 all sides + back

Additional charges for pet hair removal

lifted trucks

trash clean out

Shampoo Seat stain removal only $30 per seat -

Prices can vary

We offer a variety of add-on services, including dog hair removal, hair removal and seat shampooing. If you'd like to personalize your detailing package, don't hesitate to speak up. We'll be glad to accommodate your needs.

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